Proposal Submission

(για την Ελληνική έκδοση αυτής της φόρμας δες εδώ)

The Alliance of the Commons is
….a social alliance which combines politics with production. Our goal is to create a common, regular meeting point for people and collectives which deal with common goods and the social and solidarity economy, in order to strengthen existing ventures as well as to create new ones. Our intention is fοr this meeting point to become a lasting social institution and a common domain of empowerment for active citizens, movements, and society. More information on the Alliance of the Commons is available on our website:

You are invited to
…our first meeting point, which will be at the Festival of the Commons which will take place on 6-7-8 October 2017, at the Athens School of Fine Arts. The Festival of the Commons unites the efforts of the Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy and the CommonsFest.

Our desire is for the Festival of the Commons to be a celebratory meeting point for cooperative ventures, for ventures which produce and defend common goods, as well as a forum for the development of productive collaborations focusing on the commons and the social and solidarity economy. In particular, we want the Festival of the Commons to work as a springboard for the launch of all kinds of ideas on political/productive collaborations and for the formation of working groups which will make them a reality.

In this context, we invite you to participate in the work and productive activities of the Festival of the Commons.

We are inviting you because
…we believe that your collectivity contributes to the joint efforts for the protection, production and expansion of the commons and the social and solidarity economy. Because your experience is valuable and can be shared through the Festival with all those who are interested. Because your valuable action must be promoted to a wider public, so that it can meet with a greater response, engage new participants, and also expand. Because the presentation of your idea(s) for a political/productive collaboration can focus the interest of the participants, and the Festival of the Commons can work as a springboard for your idea to become a reality through a working group, formed for this purpose. Because your efforts are part of a wider world which moves to the same rhythms and has social potentials due to the interweaving of the efforts of ventures such as yours. Because we believe in the mutual support of ventures and the coordination of actions as a way for this world to put down deeper social roots and potentials.

How to participate
You can declare participation in any of the four areas below which structure the programme of the Festival.

1. Interactive lightning talks: 15 minute presentations of ventures, ideas etc. followed by 15 minutes of Q and A and dialogue
2. Learning workshops: Practices, exchanging and sharing of knowledge
3. Politics and policies: Issues related to “theory-ideas” and “struggles-practices-strategies” on the commons discussed in panels, world café, and round tables.
4. Collaborations: For the development and incubation of ideas, and the concretisation and support of projects between collective ventures and the holders of useful knowledge and specialisations. The goal of the collaborations is to facilitate identifying and crosschecking needs, interests, knowledge, and existing potentials in order to conceive of mutually beneficial cooperations and solutions which will expand the material possibilities of the ecosystem of the commons and the social and solidarity economy.

In order to participate in the Festival, please fill the form below. Besides proposal details, we also ask some information around your venture.Optionally, you can add a proposed resolution or manifesto of your venture, to be exhibited in the spaces of the Festival and put forward for discussion and adoption by the general assembly of the Alliance of the Commons during the Festival.

The open coordination group of the Alliance of the Commons